Can a Mobile App Help Increase Your Sales?

Mobile apps have been an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. Even businesses that have never had any need for these apps are now clamoring to get into the game. There are many off-the-shelf mobile apps available in the marketplace. It is brimming with all kinds of different apps for industries. However, if you want a unique functionality for your app in Australia, you can always hire mobile app developers.

Mobile Apps Versus Mobile Websites

Users can always view your website through a mobile browser. So what’s all the fuss about mobile apps? Well, for starters, the mobile version of your site might not always look good, especially if it’s not optimized for mobile use. You might be horrified to find out that some texts and images are not correctly aligned when viewed in smartphone browsers, or the content of the page is so small that you have to enlarge it and keep on scrolling from left to right just to read it. No user is patient enough to do that, of course.

If you commission a website, you should also have a mobile version of it. However, even the best mobile site might not be enough when it comes to eCommerce. This is because mobile apps are more comfortable to use than a mobile website. Businesses who refuse to have a mobile app can lose a considerable portion of their customers to their more forward-thinking competitions.

Here are just some of the reasons why users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites:

  • Apps are more accessible and user-friendly to navigate than mobile or desktop sites.
  • Apps can make use of the features of the mobile device that make transactions much faster and easier, such as the camera, GPS, and Bluetooth.
  • Apps make payment easier and more secure. Users can scan their credit cards on their phone’s camera instead of manually typing the numbers. Users also have an option to use Apple pay or Android pay if they don’t want to use their credit card for their purchases. Payments are deducted from the card’s digital wallet without disclosing the card’s original data, which makes payments quick and secure.
  • Some apps can be used even while users are offline.
  • Users only need to tap the app’s icon, and everything they need is already loaded up for them. This is far more convenient than having to go through the tedious process of opening the browser, typing in the URL on the address bar, and waiting for the page to load.

Common Types of Mobile Apps

apps on a phone

Here are some of the industries that make use of mobile apps:

  • Lifestyle (e.g., fitness, dating, music, food, and travel)
  • Utility (e.g., calculator, reminders, flashlight, and weather)
  • Productivity (e.g., sheets, docs, and wallet)
  • Social media
  • Entertainment
  • News

Final Thoughts

Having a website is an excellent way to tap into the digital world, but it’s not enough if you want to stay competitive. If you wish to have higher conversion rates, you must also have a mobile app. A well-timed push notification can help influence users to make a purchase, which is why users are more likely to buy more products using a mobile app.