The Ins and Outs of Accidents Involving Natural Gas Production

Natural gas production

Natural gas production is beneficial but hazardous, as it can damage property and cause loss of life. Gas line explosions, leaks, blowouts, transportation accidents, and land subsidence are potential risks in the industry. Technological advances such as ceramic balls, real-time monitoring, and automation have helped decrease the chances of accidents. Between 2015 and 2017, ten … Read more

Exporting to Canada: Things You Need to Know

canada embassy

The United States and Canada have a long and prosperous relationship, with each country benefiting from trade. The U.S. is Canada’s largest trading partner, and Canada is the United States’ second-largest trading partner after China. In 2019, the total U.S. exports to Canada were worth $292.7 billion. If you’re a U.S. business interested in exporting to Canada, … Read more

Cyber Pandemic: A Side Effect of COVID-19


The shift of daily routines because of the COVID-19 pandemic brings a new threat. Everyone starts to rely on technology and the digital world: to run their business, to do their work, or to study. Their reliance on cyberspace brings a new devastating threat. It is because not everyone (including companies and institutions) is ready … Read more

Ways to Achieve a Lower Patient Readmission Rate

The readmission rate refers to the number of patients who need to be readmitted within 30 days after discharge. There are many reasons some need immediate hospitalization after such a short period. Some need readmission due to their conditions’ progression. Others fail to follow the doctors’ orders. There are times when readmission is caused by … Read more

How Not to Lose Money in Your Business

Businessman working

Running a business by yourself is a difficult job. You have to juggle between having excellent customer services, managing your company finances, and trying to keep your employees happy. However, on top of all of these, there’s always that terrifying thought of losing money. So how do you not lose money in your business? Don’t … Read more

Why You Should Opt to Use VoIP at Home

telephone using VoIP services

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s leaving plenty of benefits in its wake. One of these changes is the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which allows phone systems to be managed through the use of online applications or web browsers. Basically, VoIP lets you make some calls using your home’s … Read more

Is Your Business Susceptible to a Simple Cybersecurity Threat?

Cybersecurity concept. VPN technology. Network security on laptop

Does your company have an efficient cybersecurity or network security strategy? According to a study, you might be among companies that lack an incident response strategy against cybersecurity threats. An IBM-sponsored study on the Cyber Resilient Organisation showed that four out of five cybersecurity professionals revealed the absence of incident response plans within their respective … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Screen Protectors

Mobile devices

Electronic devices, and not just your phone, are not scratch resistant. Scratches tend to come with sand and other particles that make the screen rough to touch and less sensitive. A scratch on your phone lowers its resale value should you decide to upgrade. Using a screen protector can help to keep the surface pristine. … Read more

How to Improve the Performance of Your Sales Department

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The cloud-based CRM salesforce has been gaining popularity in the business world. Not only does the software help with sales, marketing, and services; it is also easy to manage. Employees log in once the software is set up, and they start connecting. Most people looking for salesforce consulting services want to know the benefits that … Read more