Ctrl + S: How Modern Technology Aids Your Survival

Medical technology now looks different from a few years ago. In the consumers’ eyes, it would seem that pop culture has lent us fresh ideas on how medical advancement will look like in the future. Fast forward from the time of Star Trek and other science fiction movies; technological advancement has proven to us that these innovations are not far from reality.

Medical technology has evolved immensely throughout the years. Who knew 3D printing and brain-controlled prosthetic limbs would be a thing of the present time? Innovations in medical technology have greatly improved our daily lives. Quality of life has improved, and our range of medical options has widened.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these innovations have proven themselves incredibly useful. Lives are saved by these modern innovations. Individuals are given a second chance at living. The number of COVID-19 deaths would have been more out of control if not for medical professionals and medical breakthroughs.

The Pandemic

We are currently facing a global pandemic. The COVID-19 virus, at the time of its discovery, was a new and unfamiliar virus that left the world shaken at its core. With its rate and method of transmission, people all over the world were left isolated from friends and family. It is a lonely illness. Thankfully, slowly and carefully, technological innovations such as vaccines are being researched and experimented on.

Times like this is when medical professionals should be given their due compensation and more. It is an unfortunate time, and medical professionals are being put to the test as they are pushed to their limits.

COVID-19 and Medical Technology

Before the pandemic, medical advancements have contributed a great deal to the medical industry. Artificial intelligence and alternative solutions for pain have been developed before the quarantine. In 2020, though, several innovations had also been developed. Medical professionals are continuously developing effective testing technologies and even vaccines against the virus.

These medical technology innovations have aided the survival of many individuals who have fought against the prevalent virus. The number of cases remains ballooning in significant proportions, but it is considered more in control than the lack of a proper healthcare system.

Apart from these new developments, though, we should also take time to appreciate innovations that have become a regular part of healthcare but are, in fact, still vital to a patient’s survival. Some of these “ordinary” innovations are the vital signs monitor and even the efficient medical-grade air compressor.


Skepticism Against Innovators

Heredity, cancer immunotherapy, sports-related traumatic brain injuries — these discoveries and medical breakthroughs were once ridiculed at the time of their development. Despite this social rejection, medical professionals pushed through, which explains where our current healthcare situation stands.

Medical innovators face a lot of doubt and skepticism, but the world eventually benefits from these developments. Without their innovations, patients and the medical world would look completely different from what it is now.

Pursuing Science and Technology

The industry needs more innovators. Despite the many breakthroughs in the medical industry, our healthcare system would still need more helping hands. These innovators should be provided enough benefits and just compensation to allow them to live their daily lives freely.

Pursuing the industry of science and technology is not an easy path. As mentioned, innovators face a lot of criticism and rejection regarding their discoveries, no matter how strong the research basis is. Society takes time before they accept these discoveries. One who decides to pursue science and technology needs a tough heart and instinctive gut to face these rejections.

Despite this potential negativity, though, being part of the team of researchers who develop medical breakthroughs is fulfilling advocacy. It is one that would keep on giving, as the world slowly accepts these innovations. Being a medical professional is a challenging profession but a satisfying one.

Healthcare professionals and researchers should be given ample appreciation by society. It is not an easy job. It is a profession that is full of sacrifices. These healthcare professionals are also human.

Modern technology is a great leap for humankind. Innovations in healthcare are some of the most incredible ones in human history. Without modern technology and medical advancements, the world will not be able to survive our modern-day trials. Some diseases won’t be cured, and some ailments won’t be treated. Besides the technology, medical researchers, healthcare providers, and all medical professionals should receive the same gratitude and attention. They should be provided their due compensation as they sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears each day to save our lives.