Different Types of Data for SEO Campaigns

Data is an important resource for many marketers and companies. A miscalculation or misinterpretation of the numbers can lead to your company’s downfall. Where you get, it is also vital to a successful campaign. There are different types that you can leverage, analyze, and collect to improve your competitive advantage. Experts from a Tampa-based SEO agency cite the following types of data that you can use for current or future marketing campaigns.

1st Party Data

This type is the data you gathered directly from your customers and visitors. This consists of behaviors, actions, interests, and others from various sources such as your sites, apps, forms, and similar places. It can also come from sources outside the Internet like surveys, visits at your physical shop, and mail subscriptions. This form of data is the most valuable because your main source is the actual people your brand interacts with.

It is also the most cost-effective because you use your own platforms to gather and analyze it. This type enables you to get a deeper understanding of your target market. You’ll gain insights you would otherwise have difficulty getting from 2nd and 3rd party data. You have a competitive advantage when you secure 1st party data because it allows you to provide customized marketing campaigns for your audience.

2nd Party Data

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After 1st party data, you have its 2nd party counterpart. You buy this type from a company that gathered it. The transaction is business-to-business with no middleman charging you extra. This data is valuable but not on the same level as its 1st party counterpart, the biggest reason being it costs you to acquire it. 2nd type collectors may have gotten their data from similar sources as you, such as social media, app usage, browsing and website behavior, and others.

2nd party data has many advantages because it gives you access information you may have missed out on when you gathered and analyzed your 1st party sources. The company you bought it from has already grouped and analyzed it in ways that offer you a different perspective about the same markets. This source allows you to know more about new audiences you might want to enter and capture. This also provides details about the possibilities for new product launchings.

3rd Party Data

3rd party type is similar to 2nd party data, but the companies that sell them are not the original collectors. The aggregate data from other sites and platforms; the companies that sell 3rd party data acquire 1st party data of content publishers. After the purchase, these companies categorize the data they collected based on audience behavior, industry, interests, and demographics, just to name a handful of classifications. They further narrow these into specific segments; it will be up to the buyer which data they will buy.

Buying 3rd party data is a viable option who want insights and details about a specific market segment they want to enter. These are data types that provide value to your company. Use a mix of all three to get maximum value, get more insights, gain a different perspective, and give you information about a market you want to enter.