Living Alone in the City: How to Protect Yourself and Your Property with Technology

The premise is pretty simple: you live alone because you want freedom. You don’t want any responsibilities. You are fine on your own until, of course, you realize the dangers of being alone in a house or apartment. Whether you live in a single-detached house or in an apartment, there will be moments when you feel uncomfortable about the prospect of being alone in that room. That’s because, in the 21st century, you know there are very valid security threats for people living alone. And in the past year, because people are virtually staying at home and isolated from the rest of the world, crimes have been rampant

Thankfully, technology made it possible to protect yourself from burglary, theft, and many other kinds of crimes at home. You can still feel safe despite living alone. So advanced technology is that a simple smart home device can now alert the police for a possible burglary. The technology for home safety isn’t so complicated. You may call a residential repair and maintenance company in your local area to help you set up your safety devices and gadgets.

Security Alarm System

Nothing alerts the neighbors and warns the burglars off than a security alarm system. You can install these alarm devices in your doors and windows. When someone tries to break-in, it will have a shrilling sound that will alert the neighbors and scare off the criminals. You can even activate the system to sound off an alarm when someone gets too close to your home. This is called the arm stay mode. It protects the perimeter of your home.


You need an extra pair of eyes when you’re alone. Luckily, you can install cameras around your house and even inside your house. You can access the cameras on your phone, so you know what’s happening in your house even if you step out for errands. This way, burglars cannot “surprise” you when you get home. Security cameras are so cheap and easy to install that you should never go a day without them.

Smart Home System

A smart home system will link all the security devices in your home. From that, you can access and control the lights, cameras, sounds, temperature, and locks. Many home systems will allow access via the smartphone, so you can check if the house is safe before you enter. You’ll also be able to open and close the doors using switches installed in your car. This eliminates the need to get out of the car at night after work, providing plenty of opportunities for the burglars to jump on you.

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Another way to spook burglars is to install motion sensor outdoor lights. You will feel better knowing that there’s never a blindside in your lawn, that burglars can’t just roam around and hide to observe your house from your own garden. They’ll be intimidated once the lights start to turn on. Use the motion-detecting lights near every entry point, so they have no choice but to get seen when they try to pry open the door locks and windows.

Smart Video Doorbell

Do you know that burglars enter through the front door? Aren’t they the bravest? This is because even though you live side by side with your neighbor, no one really wants to meddle in other people’s business. If it looks like the burglar fits in the description of someone having keys to your home, none would be the wiser. A smart video doorbell has remote viewing apps, live video streaming, and two-way communication. You can talk to the person at your front door even when you’re in the office. That will make burglars think that someone’s home. They won’t try to get into the house anymore.

Automatic Locks

If you have a lot of entry points, automatic locks will be helpful to you. Living alone, you’ll find that it’s hard to keep up with what doors are locked and what windows you cracked open to let the fresh air in. This system will help you lock all entry points with a touch of a button. It works great when you’re too tired from work to check the doors before you go to bed.

When living alone, security should be of utmost importance to you. While it’s enjoyable to be answerable only to yourself, it comes with some downsides, too. You have to be your own protector and when the going gets tough, you have nothing but technology to save you.