Should You Start Incorporating Mobile Marketing for Your Business?

The first thing that most Gen Xers and older Millenials will think about “surfing the web” is someone that’s on their desktop’s browser. Although browsers have always been our window to the digital highway for the past few decades, things are starting to change.

With the invention of the smartphone, much of the public will now have access to the internet in the palm of their hands. Not only has this made it more convenient to access the world wide web, but this has also made it even easier for people to communicate with someone that’s hundreds of miles away through direct messages, photos, and video calls.

Every year, tech giants are continually pouring in billions of dollars into developing new phones and gadgets. With new products being developed as the years’ pass, many businesses will need to develop strategies in incorporating these technological innovations into much of their day-to-day operations.

Although desktops and computers are still integral to managing data, creating content, and sifting through the information, smartphones and tablets are already considered a “norm” for communication, business, and entertainment. In fact, the number of smartphone users worldwide has reached around 5.22 billion, which has eclipsed the number of desktop users. Since there are billions of smartphone users worldwide, it’s only appropriate that domains and businesses create ways of catching the attention of these users.

But does this mean that you should start mobilizing your website? What are some ways of reaching out to mobile users worldwide about your business? We’ll be answering some important questions that can help you formulate a plan.

The Importance of Mobile Applications

Compared to just accessing sites through browsers, mobile applications will need to be downloaded and installed on your phone. Although, at first, it might seem a bit cumbersome for users to download a mobile application, this can help streamline user interaction. This is especially important if you want to give potential customers a hassle-free experience that they can enjoy.

What are some reasons you should start developing a marketing campaign and mobile applications for these users?

Maximizes Customer Experience

While you’re in the process of transforming your domain into something more convenient for mobile users, it’s still important to remember that customer experience is a crucial part of any business. A business that’s able to cater to the needs of their audience is the best way of setting themselves for success.

Instead of just mobilizing your website, you might want to consider developing your own dedicated mobile application. Not only will this help with your overall marketing campaign, but most mobile users find it more convenient to access an application rather than having to go through a web-browser. This is a great way of increasing your conversion rates, especially when a good percentage of web traffic will usually come from smartphone applications.

Large corporations and conglomerates will pool resources for their research and development teams to produce these mobile applications in most cases. However, small-to-medium business enterprises won’t have the same luxury that large businesses have. Fortunately, mobile application development services can help produce high-quality and responsive mobile apps tailored to the needs of your target market.

Although you might need to spend on such services, you’ll be earning more in the long-run. Effectively catering to the needs of customers will help accelerate your domain in no time.

Generating More Revenue Through User Retention

using a mobile phone

Many applications will usually develop their own “communities,” which can help retain users compared to visiting sites. Studies have shown that mobile applications that will retain long-term users can generate even more revenue than applications that will only have traffic in the span of a few days.

Reaching Out to Individuals Who Are on the Go

With billions of individuals using their phones every day, this is a prime time for business owners to reach out to their target audience. In most situations, business professionals and ordinary folks will interact with their devices for social media for an average of two hours and 22 minutes each day. Marketers won’t be able to get an even better opportunity to get the word out.

In a world where everything is continuously changing, businesses will need to adapt to current trends in the market if they want to have an advantage over their competitors. Although many individuals are still using browsers on their desktops, many corporations and businesses will need to mobilize their domains or create mobile applications for a better customer experience. The bottom line? Many users and individuals are starting to switch to a more mobile approach.