Top 3 Online Businesses to Start from Home Amid COVID 19

However you see it, the world has been facing countless challenges ever since the pandemic started. Everyday priorities are switching, as we deal with this virus globally. Even different states in the US have different responses to the virus. It’s an “adapt or die” situation. And businesses are no exemption.

Although many people think of the situation as purely a problem, others are looking at this crisis as an opportunity to expand a business.

For sure, many small businesses that have been forced to adjust their methodologies for them to survive the pandemic failed. It’s a given; not all can adapt just fine. Some 60 percent of businesses have been closed due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The bad news: These businesses have no plans of reopening ever again.

But as the coronavirus progresses, there have been many business opportunities that did well. It’s true. Starting a business in these times might not be ideal. Having an open mind and taking a risk might be best when everyone is giving up. Here are key businesses that have flourished despite the pandemic.

Best of all, you can start them from home.

1. Set Up Your Own Online Expert Services

If you are a lawyer, doctor, fitness expert, or musician, this is the perfect time for you to take your services online. Most people are stuck in their homes and bored out of their minds. Thus, a consultancy online service can be easier for you to connect with loyal and potential customers.

Even after this pandemic ends, people will still have difficulties going out because of the high uncertainty the virus has instilled in us. That means people are willing to spend money on services that are worthy and knowledgeable.

The thing is you need to be an expert in your field. If you’re into fitness, you should have the experience to teach people to be fit online. And if you’re a musician, make sure you have your credentials to show people when push comes to shove. Of course, as an expert online people will look up to you. They’ll know if you know what you’re talking about.

Then again, it also helps that you already have a following. In this case, social media can be social proof for everyone to follow. When people see you’re legit, money should flow as expected.

person eating food in front of laptop

2. Making Trendy Face Masks

Most countries all over the world require people to wear face masks when going outside. For one, 200 million masks are made every day in China alone because of the increasing demand that the pandemic has caused. But this is still not enough to meet the global demands and orders. That’s why, if you are good at handling a sewing this venture may become a game-changer for you.

Face masks have become a fashion statement, as more people are seeing this as an accessory to fit for their perfect outfit of the day. Making trendy face masks for people wanting to have a unique look and make their personality shine is a great business idea. With a little knowledge of fashion, you can sell these masks online and offer your services for customized ones through social media.

But make sure to work with reputable partners. Just as the pharmaceutical industry works with recognized companies like Pion, so should your design or manufacturing business work with only the best suppliers. This will ensure the quality of your face masks.

3. Delivery of Goods

People feel much safer indoors these days. And people are seeking delivery services to get what they want right to their doorstep. Thus, setting an online delivery business that covers groceries, meals, and other goods is a great way to start a business during a pandemic. With this, you can reach customers in different locations and make your brand known. And even after the coronavirus will end, expect that this business will still exist.

If you are thinking and wondering about what business to start, this may become a turning point for you. That’s because the delivery business is one of the easiest to start with. You just need the right people, vehicles and an organized plan to secure customers.

The right idea coupled with hard work is a formula to success. All that remains now is to make it happen. And reap the rewards over time.