Using Awards to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Boasting about how incredible our businesses are is an art form. It’s hard not to come off as awkward when we’re talking about how great we are. Some marketers think that awards can’t do anything for businesses anymore because there are many different ways to impress your target market. But foregoing awards could be the death of your business. Surveys showed that corporate award winners have 37% more sales growth than their peers.

If you are a digital marketing company in Melbourne or other cities, this is something that you should focus on. Competing for industry awards should be the priority of your marketing strategy. Above all, you need to make sure that you’re applying to be candidates of legitimate award-giving institutions. Never try to fake your way into receiving awards and having your company’s name in plaques.

But once you’ve won that coveted award, what can you do with it? How can you convince customers to support your business using these awards that you have won? How can you promote your business using these awards and not come off as self-serving?

Press Releases

You need to let the media know that you’ve won an award. How can you do that without coming off as a bit arrogant? Most award-giving bodies will provide a template for the press release. They will talk about the significance of the award and why you have been chosen as the winner. You can use this press release and rely on the award-giving body to disseminate it to the right media people. However, why not take the reins and promote your business using this press release?

Email Marketing

If you produce a monthly newsletter for your subscribers, make it a point to blast the award on the newsletter. Talk a little bit about jour journey trying to qualify for the award. You can post a backlink to the press release so that your clients will be aware that this is a legitimate award. Thank your followers and past and present clients for supporting the business. Tell them that they are a part of why you have won in the first place.

Award Logo

Make sure to use the award body’s logo on your newsletter, social media profiles, letterheads, and business cards. You have to let everyone know that you’ve won a prestigious award in the business. Don’t forget to post the award logo on your homepage. This should be one of the first things that your web visitors see when they land on your homepage.

Businesswoman hanging framed certificate

Social Media

Did it happen if it wasn’t on social media? You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that has no social media presence. Post links to the website where they post the names of the winners. Give your followers a chance to cross-check your claim that you’ve won something prestigious. You can also post the press release on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Although it takes a lot of effort to win awards in whatever industry you are in, it’s well worth the time and money. You can use the award to attract more clients to your business. You can use it to build your reputation and brand. And of course, you can use the awards to fuel your employees’ productivity.