2021 Marketing Technologies That Will Change Your Business

When it comes to marketing a brand, many people think that it is pretty simple. However, while basics like working with a PR firm and showing ads stay the same, some technologies can revolutionize the way things are done in the field. If you are not aware of these technologies, you’ll be in danger of falling behind. Here are some potential new technologies you should be looking into for your marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

One of the big technologies that are revolutionizing marketing is artificial intelligence. While this is not the fanciful AI of the movies, they are still pretty effective in doing jobs usually given to humans. Right now, there are several ways it can be used to the advantage of a company. A popular way to use it is to enhance digital advertising. Companies can use AI to present the right web browsers with ads to which they will most likely respond. For example, a person looking for pet food in their latest online searches will probably appreciate seeing pet snacks and nutrition advertisements. This optimizes ad space purchasing so that the company only spends money on maximized performance.

Another notable use of AI is in automatic chatbots. Customers can visit a website any time of the day, and they would be able to get some form of attention with the use of chatbots. They present a way to connect to a customer and get initial information from them. This is then used by actual human agents later. But knowing that their concern has been logged somewhere can be reassuring. Additionally, chatbots can resolve simpler problems so that a majority of customers have an instant resolution.

Augmented Reality

An interesting new technology is augmented reality. It enhances the real world with various digital additions. For example, an augmented reality app can have customers see a product in multiple settings. Furniture stores use it to place a desk or table into a room to show how it would look when bought, or for fashion stores that give the option of showing what clothes would look like if worn by the customer.

This is a great way to allow customers to try things before they buy them. This is great because it provides a major convenience. Instead of having to carry clothes to a dressing room or even be in the store, customers can simply use the app.

Augmented reality experiences can also be great for brands to build their buzz. Integrating QR codes into posters can have potential customers enjoy new things. For example, campaigns can have viral content integrated with ease. Customers can be treated to beautiful sunsets or more so that they can start talking about the brand.

Data Analytics

marketing in different platforms

Businesses gather a lot of data from their customers in one way or another. This can range from personal data like the age and location of each customer to their buying habits. Marketing can use this data to significant effect, but it needs to be analyzed for that to happen. For example, if a business notices that a specific set of customers are buying more of a particular product, it can invest in pushing sales for that demographic. Predicting customer behavior with data analytics can also help push them towards a particular direction, which is exactly what marketing is all about. They can show a business what customers dislike and improve on those areas of their operations.

Mobile-ready Marketing

There are billions of people using smartphones nowadays, and that means a potential platform for marketing products. Mobile marketing is primarily focused on this and uses various channels. For example, the dominant form of mobile marketing is with apps. Businesses have apps that allow customers to order from them and contact them easily. This is an excellent form of mobile marketing since it directly connects to customers and is very cost-effective since it combines both marketing and sales in one package. Besides that, you will have a wealth of data you can analyze thanks to all the interaction with customers it provides. Making an app should be a necessary part of any modern marketing efforts.

Keeping up with the latest developments in technology is necessary if a business wants to stay competitive. While marketing technologies aren’t as flashy as others, they are still vital. Knowing what they can do and implementing them can mean the difference between staying in the limelight or being forgotten. Many companies should seriously consider using more of these technologies for their business.