Blogging: From a Hobby to a Full-time Source of Income

On the subject of digital platforms or social media that make the most money for users, Youtube and Instagram always come to mind first, especially the former. Well-known “Youtubers” are not just famed for their engaging videos, but also for their mansions, closets as big a suite, auto collection, makeup collection, and so on. And how did they earn every penny they spent for those? Through their Youtube videos alone, or in some cases, combined with profits from another business or side-hustle.

But it’s no stranger to many that income from Youtube alone can be more than enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle already. When you reach a certain amount of subscribers and views, your channel can be monetized, hence earning income for you. But if you’re not on Youtube, and writing is your passion more than filming, can you expect an income just as big from your blog?

What Makes a Blog Stand Out

As with any website, traffic is what a blog needs to become well-known by internet users. With high traffic, your blog will rank high in search engine results pages every time a user searches a topic or types in a query that’s relevant to your content.

Of course, your topics should also be something that catches many people’s interests, to begin with, so that keywords related to your content will be commonly used. You can revolve your blog around a specific topic, such as an industry, a hobby, profession, or well-being, or anything you’re passionate about that a certain audience can relate with.

The design and layout of your blog are also critical. If they lack visual appeal, visitors are more likely to close your site before they can even check out your content. Thus, even if you’re not blogging to earn money yet, it’s advisable to ask a highly-skilled digital solutions company in London or other cities for their advice, so that once you’re ready to monetize your blog, you’re already benefiting from high traffic.

Monetizing a Blog

writing a blog

Here’s the truth: Your blogs don’t earn profit. You cannot make money out of posting informative and engaging content alone, even if you have an impressive web design. What makes a blog earn money are ads, affiliations, and sales from a product or service.

If you came up with a brilliant business idea, offering your products or services on your blog will be one of the fastest ways to earn money from it. But if you don’t have an entrepreneurial flair, you can sell affiliate products, instead. This works by acquiring an affiliate link from an advertiser that you need to put into your blog. When a reader clicks that link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of what they bought, like a commission.

Displaying different kinds of ads are also effective, although not the most profitable since users are more repelled than attracted to ads if anything. But a good hack is to write sponsored blogs instead of displaying one distracting banner or video ad. A sponsored blog is a post about a product or service from a specific brand, or a series of blogs about any topic, mentioning the sponsoring brand at the beginning or the end of the post.

Once you’re already earning a stable income from your blog, you may already consider it your business, which means you now have to pay taxes. The IRS treats a blog as a business if the blogger regularly uses the website with the intent to earn profits. You will be expected to file as self-employed and pay self-employment taxes quarterly.

All these said, your blog can certainly be your full-time business if you combine your passion for writing with entrepreneurial tactics. Strive to grow your following now to get the right momentum as you monetize your blog.