Connected TV Advertising: Why Should You Try It?

Do you know anyone who has no TV set? Probably not, as almost every household in the world has a TV set that most of them use often. The TV is and has always been a great way to market a company or business’ products or services, but sadly, traditional TV is slowly dying.

Connected TV, on the other hand, is thriving. There are hundreds of streaming apps today such as Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV, which is why more businesses are into connected TV advertising these days. Due to this, advertisers are still looking to advertise on connected TV. Here, we will discuss why you, as an advertiser, should try connected TV advertising today.

Target the Right Audience

With traditional TV, you’ll never know which audiences you are connecting to, as there is no way to tell which demographic is watching the TV right at the moment you are playing your ads. With connected TV, though, you get to control when you show your ads, as well as who you want to show it to.

This means that you will be able to show your ads in perfect timing, which is amazing since your target audience will definitely see your ads. Connected TV households make about $10,000 more each year, which means that you will be able to reach a wider audience.

Your Payment Will Be Worth It

Traditional TV viewers are usually bombarded with lots of ads at once, which can make the viewers tired of seeing all those ads. With connected TV, ads are shown one at a time and not all at once. This means that your audience will pay more attention to the ads since they would not be too tired of watching ads. Your payment will be well worth it, as your audience will most likely respond to it once they see it. They are more likely to pay attention, meaning they will remember the brand and its products and services.

You Would Not Annoy Your Audience

family watching television

As mentioned, traditional TV ads can be a bit invasive and bothersome. They are more of an “in your face” type of ads, while connected TV ads are more relaxed and less stressful. This means that your brand will leave a great impression on your target audience, driving them to try your products and services and whatever you are trying to sell to them.

You Would be Able to Reach Multiple Members of the Household

Most streaming services can be used by multiple members of the household all at once, meaning that you will be able to reach more members of the household. Traditional TVs usually have one viewer at a time, not allowing you to maximize your marketing budget.

Reaching more viewers means that there will be a bigger chance for them to respond to those ads, making your payment well worth every penny.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the switch to connected TV advertising today and see your brand and company grow in no time!