Digital Transformation: Making Businesses Better

Change is inevitable in business. No other element has driven change in commerce quite like technology. With innovative systems and improved software, your company has a lot more capabilities today than before, allowing its progress and eventual success. As such, it’s imperative to work toward company-wide digital transformation.

How to Do it Right

Digitizing your business, from how it interacts with customers to how it manages employees, can be costly as well as complex.  This is why it’s crucial to have a plan for your organization’s transformation before putting money on specific technologies.

For instance, you need to determine first whether an investment in ServiceNow Store for your company would improve employee engagement and retention. Will this enterprise application marketplace allow you to be agile and responsive to the needs of the business? Is now the right time to deploy this solution?

The ServiceNow Store features value-added business applications, most of which have to do with internal communications. You can automate workflows and even monitor as well as detect security events. So it will not only enhance productivity but foster secure collaboration, too. If your business deals with highly sensitive information, this platform may be able to help your operations.

With a proper plan in place and clear objectives in mind, your digital transformation may go off with little to no hitch at all. You can also build in a budget, giving you a realistic look at which areas you can improve on. Not all technologies, however, will meet your organization needs and goals.

For example, does your customer service unit need bots? Bots may be able to improve how you serve customers if you deal with a lot of similar inquiries and requests. The tech can provide repeatable and inexpensive communications while your human personnel can focus on more complicated problems and deliver personalized services.

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What to Digitize

There are more advantages to embracing digital transformation. As a business owner, you have to make the most of these advantages. You can start by re-examining the four pillars of operations that the digital transformation will affect.

As Forbes reports, here are the four fundamental aspects of operations.

1. Business strategy: Your goals are likely to change over time because technologies and consumers change; it’s essential to adapt your plan to meet these challenges.

2. Value chain: You can’t veer too far from traditional distribution, but you can enhance it by using new methods for better efficiency in your business operations.

3. Customers: Consumer behavior has changed because of digital technology. Now, eight in 10 Americans shop online. And you can appeal to their desires by offering special value instead of simply pandering to them on social media.

4. Organization: Digital transition can affect your current system. Expect profits and revenues to go down while you transition to digitizing your business processes.

Digitization is complex and costly, but it’s an investment that can mean success for your business. Before you introduce changes though, get a substantial plan in place. Invest in the right technologies. And focus on key operations to drive progress.

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