Improving Archaic Human Resource Management Practices

A company’s success hinges on its human resources (HR). It can have the best tools, modern facilities, all the bells, and whistles of a Fortune 500 company. But if the human resource aspect is lacking, it is doomed to fail. This is why human resource management is crucial and it needs to continuously evolve and adapt to the modern world.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of companies that are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to HR. They’re still doing archaic human resource management practices, which can be detrimental to employee satisfaction.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can push your company’s HR to the modern world.

Make Mentoring a Habit

If your company has defined roles and clear-cut hierarchy, your HR should practice mentoring. By promoting a mentor-mentee dynamic, those in higher positions will feel responsible for the growth of their subordinates. Subordinates, in turn, have a defined channel to communicate with their supervisor, eliminating the fear and apprehension that often acts as a barrier to communication.

Mentoring is also a great way to pass down product knowledge, best practices, and other skills that a mentor develops through time. This helps their mentee develop and improve at a faster rate, which is a great way to improve your company’s manpower. Gone are the days when mentees are nothing more than glorified lackeys of the mentors, always at their beck and call, ready to brew them a cup of coffee or run his errands. By taking someone under your wing, you’re responsible for their growth within that period, so you’re motivated to teach them what you know.

Performance Evaluation

manager doing a performance evaluation

Evaluating an employee’s performance also falls under the responsibilities of HR. It’s a gauge to determine their value in the company, a way to check if their interests are aligned with that of the company. Oftentimes, performance evaluations are weaponized to instill fear in the office. Instead of guiding the employee to do what’s right, they’re forced to find ways to skirt the law because of the fear of getting evaluated. It’s not a great way to bring out the best in a person. Their fear of the consequences forces them to play it safe, instead of thinking out of the box to solve problems.

Innovation should be encouraged. If an employee thinks of a way to simplify their tasks and still achieve the desired results, reward them instead of punishing them for trying to slack off. Use productivity tools like ServiceNow to streamline your processes and improve the way you do business. A ServiceNow implementation specialist can help you transition from your old, outdated processes to a streamlined, more efficient workflow.

There are still a lot of ways to improve human resource management. From changing the leadership concept to improving the incentive systems, you won’t run out of ideas to help your HR. Just make sure that with every improvement being proposed, everyone should be willing to try these suggestions, and most importantly, willing to change their ways for the better.