More Electric Cars on the Road by 2019

Tesla will have its domination of the electric car industry tested, as major car manufacturers start releasing their own electric car models. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Nissan, Volvo, and Chevrolet go full swing in their efforts to take a piece of the electric car market. This makes the competition even tougher for all the carmakers who want to be the best in creating electric cars.

The battle continues as car manufacturers look for ways to outsmart their competition. They invest in innovative technologies and add attractive and functional features to win the hearts of their target market and those who will choose the “best electric car in 2019.” Using every advantage is important in this saturated and complex market. With carmakers taking their game to the next level, even the smallest advantage matters.

Find out what’s in store for you and the many other electric car enthusiasts in 2019.

Longer Drives, Shorter Charge Time

With so many brands competing, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Manufacturers are finding ways to improve the capabilities and performance of their electric car models. For example, an  can now power a vehicle up to 200 miles or more with a single charge.

Advances in charging technology also led to more efficient energy transfer, which means shorter charging times and more miles per charge. Some models can run for 90 miles on a mere 30-minute charge. That is so efficient and convenient for the owners.

Performance Beyond Expectations

black Tesla car

Modern electric cars are a long way from even those from 5-10 years ago. Electric cars beat almost every standard production car when it comes to acceleration. Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari have cars that accelerate faster — but some of those cars have an electric drivetrain.

Electric cars are also faster, with some models pushing 150 miles per hour. You get the speed you want without the accompanying roar of the engine. That means your car will not sound like it’s having a hard time accelerating. It will still be less noisy, but more speedy.

The Future is Electric

Fossil fuels can’t last forever and sooner or later the world will need to switch to electric cars. Of course, that future is a long time coming — but it clearly shows that switching to electric cars is inevitable. Lithium batteries are getting cheaper and advances in research have made car batteries more efficient, as well as more powerful.

Even now, electric cars can match the performance of standard cars in everything but mileage. Gas prices continue to go up while the cost of electricity stays remarkably stable — making electric cars an even more attractive option. Of course, we can’t dismiss the possibility of energy prices going up once electric cars become more popular and standard.

More car manufacturers are going electric. With these giants of industry pouring their resources into electric vehicle models, we can expect big changes in terms of mileage and performance. Competition drives technology and you can expect big things in the near future.

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