The Cloud: Three Surprising Uses for This Technology

When talking about cloud technology, most people only think of virtual storage units where companies can safely keep their files. But the world of cloud technology is actually much bigger than that. Experts in this area are consistently exploring innovative ways to help people with their daily tasks.

One thing that they have come up with is a way to streamline all tasks in an office and have a program analyze each report. So that when the cloud-based business intelligence software program is done analyzing every data, it can give a forecast of the company’s progress.

That is how far cloud technology has come. Here are other;innovative and surprising ways people are using this technology.

Cloud and parking

One company has come up with the idea of using the cloud to help drivers settle their parking issues. Instead of feeding coins to a parking meter, they can pay their parking fees online. That means no more having to keep loose change in the car. All they need is access to the internet via their mobile phone, and they can pay for their parking.

Another advantage of this technology is that drivers no longer need to keep running back to the parking meter to keep feeding it coins when the time limit is almost up. Again, by accessing the online parking payment method, they can pay their parking fee to extend their time.

So, say, you are stuck in line at the pharmacy at the corner of the street, you do not have to give up your spot to pay the parking meter. Just get your phone and pay for it online.

Cloud and government transparency

Another group of people has used cloud technology to help civilians keep track of their elected officials. Louisville, Kentucky allows its citizens to access their local government. With cloud technology, they can check the salaries of their elected officials, as well as the projects that their local government is spearheading.

This has allowed for more transparency in Louisville, making the local government more trustworthy to the good people of the city. People can now see if there are any discrepancies to how their elected officials run their local government.

Cloud and endless information

network servers in data center

Chicago has a different, but just as interesting, idea on how to use the cloud for their people. The city came has come up with a website where people can check out any location in Chicago and then, they will get all the information they want about the place. These include historical information, business establishments, and tourist attractions.

All they need to do is log into the website, and they can search for any location in Chicago and download all the information they want about that place. They also use real-time data analysis, so you can check out the latest events in the place, too.

These are just some of the ways smart people are using cloud technology in creative ways. With a little imagination, you too might be able to come up with an innovative way to make the most of the cloud for the benefit of humankind.

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