An exciting adventure with virtual reality in London

With everything that has gone on around the world over the last 2 years a virtual reality experience in London is a perfect form of escapism, where you can experience modern technology at its highest level in London, which is yet to be available anywhere else in the country. If you book a virtual reality experience in London you will find the first free roam virtual reality and bar experience in the whole of the UK. Conveniently located in Ealing with excellent transport links and plenty of delicious restaurants, shopping opportunities and other exciting things to do, if you plan your virtual reality experience in London you are in for a fantastic day and an adventure that you will never forget.

All bookings can be carried out online with ease and convenience. The experience itself includes a 30 minute demo made up of three exciting parts which introduce you to the world of virtual reality. You will have a visual demonstration, you will play a shooting game to help practise your hand/eye coordination and you will also take part in an immersive experience to find out what 3D virtual reality is all about prior to the main event.

The actual game itself is carried out in the main arena with 2000 square feet for free roam to allow you to fully enjoy the three-dimensional aspect of virtual reality with your team members. Each game is tailored for 5 players and if you are in a larger group then you can split up into teams or you may be put together with members of other teams, depending on your preference.

New games for everyone to enjoy

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The virtual reality experience in Ealing in London is ever changing and adapting to the advances in technology and therefore new games are introduced every six months, so that there is always something for everyone. Whether you are new to virtual reality or you have visited a virtual reality experience previously it will always be an enjoyable and exhilarating  adventure. The 4 games which are currently very popular at the moment include Overrun, Overrun stage 2, Strike Team Delta and Toon Strike.

Overrun is a thrilling zombie survival experience, and due to its overwhelming popularity you can also find Overrun stage 2 at your virtual reality experience in Ealing for those who cannot get enough of fighting off zombies! Strike Team Delta is an adrenaline pumping experience which is a more objective based game and involves defending the world against an alien invasion. Toon Strike, which is the newest adventure at the London virtual reality experience, involves hunting for evil creatures which have created trouble and unrest to bring back happiness to the city of Altesa. The graphic nature of these games mean that there is an age restriction for visiting these experiences and they are unsuitable for children under the age of 10. Toon Strike is a family friendly game and preferable for groups with younger players. All under 18s must be supervised by an adult and for those with underlying health conditions it is important to speak to the team to find out whether the virtual reality experience is suitable for you.

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